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Custom Closets

This is your chance to be inventive!

Add your personal style to your home, and now begin constructing your dream closet to fit your budget and meet your demands without the need for any additional budget. 

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

Advanced storage

"Closets World" assists you in designing your favorite closet from the classiest German and Italian wood, and you can choose the types of doors, from hinged or sliding doors, wooden or glass doors as well as with or without mirrors, to meet your demands and make the most use of the space available.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

Accessories that suit your preferences

You can choose not only the closet but also all of the closet's accessories, such as drawer knobs, shelves, mirrors, makeup storage boxes, jewellery boxes, and other European-made accessories.

Customize your closet according to your request with high quality materials and competitive prices

Charming lights

With this range of high-quality Italian lighting alternatives, you can add your own style to closet's lighting, making it easier to reach any object while also adding aesthetic features to your closet.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

Dressing rooms

Your bedroom in the style of a fashion model

Only for luxury lovers, organize your clothes and personal possessions in the style of fashion experts and models with the integrated dressing rooms that “Closets World” offers to its elegance-lovers’ clients.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

IMG_6324- (22)

Advanced storage

When it comes to dressing rooms, "Closets World" has the most stylish, elegant designs available, made of the classiest German and Italian wood, so that you can store all your personal belongings including clothes, shoes, hats, ties, personal bags, accessories, and others with elegance and ease in chests of drawers and shelves of various sizes to satisfy your personal needs and fit your budget no matter what it is.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

luxury European accessories

"Closets World" creatively designing the most luxurious circular shelving and drawers units built for dressing rooms so that our customers may select the one that best suits their tastes from an elegant assortment of different designs and colors.

Customize your closet according to your request with high quality materials and competitive prices

Lighting revealing the secret of elegance

"Closets World" offers high-quality Italian lighting systems in every corner of the dressing room so that you can quickly access anything you need, as well as the overall aesthetic shape that crowns your dressing room through lighting, converting it into an exceptional decor piece.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets

Why us?


15 Years warranty


The finest types of German and Italian wood


high-grade German accessories

After-sales services

The lowest possible delivery time

Best Components (Germany & Itlian Made)

Heavy-duty drawers up to 80 kg (German industry)

Who we are?


تساعدك عالم الخزائن على اقتناء خزائن ملابس تفصيلية ومطابخ تتناسب مع ميزانيتك مما جعلها اكثر الشركات مبيعا فى المملكة خلال السنوات الاخيرة فمنذ تأسيسها عام 2005 قدمت الكثير من الحلول المثالية لزبائنها فى المملكة.

Celebrate End Off Year Offer
أجود الخامات بين يديك

وقد أكدت عالم الخزائن تمييزها لهذه الصناعة عن طريق الالتزام بمعايير الجودة في كل خطوات العمل والاهتمام بتدريب وتطوير فريق العمل من المهندسين والفنيين المؤهلين وتقديم أحدث الابتكارات وأعلى مستوى من خدمات ما بعد البيع في فروعها المنتشرة في المملكة العربية السعودية والامارات.


أراء عملائنا

انصح فيه من كل قلبي شغل نظيف واحترافي ودقيق والعمال وقت التركيب اكثر من رائعين يشتغلون وهم حريصين جدة على نظافة مكانك وينظفون المكان بعدهم الي يبغی خزاين للعمر لا يتعداااهم ۷
hala ha
(Translated by Google) Thank the world of safes master the work during the installation until the room sweeping electricity after them MashaAllah job Thanks to Mr. Hamdi
(Original) شكرا عالم الخزائن إتقان الشغل أثناء التركيب حتى الغرفة يكنسونها كهرباء عقبهم ماشاء الله شغل و شكرا للأستاذ حمدي
نوف الحميد

طريقة عملنا

نحرص دائما على جعل عملية شرائك لمطبخ احلامك تجربة فريدة وممتعه بدءا من زيارتكم لأحد معارضنا و مرورا بمراحل التخطيط وصولا الى مرحلة الانتاج والتركيب.

Enjoy 30% Off On All Our Closets.

الأسئلة الشائعة

No, the consultation is entirely free, and you can easily request it online.

Request a free consultation to get one of our representatives to measure dimensions, followed by the design stage and pricing determination, the final agreement, the manufacturing stage performed at our factories, and eventually the placement and installation stage.

Prices vary depending on the space, the requested design, and personal improvements, but in all cases, in “Closets World”, we are eager to give our services of the best quality while keeping each client’s budget in mind.

With the exception of glass, mirrors and leather, Closets World provides its clients with 15 years of comprehensive warranty for closets and 10 years of comprehensive warranty for kitchens.

Once the manufacturing process has begun, Closets World will offer a complete refund.

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